Buffalo, NY Hospital and Medical Center Coronavirus Disinfection

At Metro Environmental, we want hospitals and medical centers to maintain their high standard of healthcare disinfection. Our trained Coronavirus disinfection teams understand that preventative measures are just as critical as immediate care in the healthcare industry, and ensuring a healthy environment for staff and patients is of the utmost importance.

What is SteraMist®

SteraMist® technology utilizes ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP™), a non-caustic, chlorine and bleach-free fog to help create a clean environment, ensuring that patients and staff are provided peace-of-mind with minimum room downtime. SteraMist® is the ultimate tool for elimination of bacteria & viruses such as SARS CoV-2 Coronavirus, Staph, MRSA, Norovirus, H1N1, C. difficile, and salmonella.*SteraMist® Covid-19 Disinfection

Routine and one-time SteraMist® disinfection treatments can be easily implemented into new and existing medical facility cleaning protocols. SteraMist® has superior surface disinfection capabilities, ensuring that every bit of a treated area is covered with a powerful, 6-log level efficacy.

SteraMist® disinfects these use sites and more:

  • Patient Rooms
  • Operating Rooms
  • ICUs & PICUs
  • Neonatal Care
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Ambulances
  • Restrooms

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SteraMist® is the Coronavirus disinfection solution. Contact us today to schedule your routine or one-time SteraMist® Coronavirus disinfection treatments.